About Staybrite Stainless Fabricators

Ingenuity and individuality have always been highly prized, especially where design is concerned.

But in an industry centred around mass production, the ability to be diverse is even more valuable. Established in 1984, Staybrite Stainless Fabricators has discovered a niche in the stainless fabrication industry making bespoke stainless products. These include commercial kitchens and range hoods, residential kitchens, pharmaceutical laboratories, hand railing, wall protection, tanks, tables, rectangular hollow section (RHS) framework and architectural stainless steel work, flashings and veterinary science.

General Manager Michael Peake prides himself on the workmanship and the personal approach his team brings to the benchtop. Most of the staff have been with company in excess of 15 years, with some up to 30 years. We see our customers and staff as integral to the future of the company and we intend to keep looking after both. The best advertising is the work that we do which has meant that we have clients that have been with us since 1984. Sounds too easy!

We would welcome the opportunity to make Staybrite part of the success of your next project