Air Input Systems


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    Why is it necessary to have air input?

    When air is extracted from a kitchen, replacement air will be drawn into it from outside. In order for a kitchen ventilation system to work correctly, both the extract and fresh air flows must be considered and planned for.

    If fresh air is not introduced into the kitchen via a dedicated ventilation system, all the air extracted through the canopy will have to be made up of natural infiltration air coming in through any other room opening (i.e. doors, windows etc).

    The recommendations for natural infiltration air are for 15 to 20 percent of the total air extracted. This will maintain a negative pressure in the kitchen and help prevent odours escaping into adjacent areas.

    Our air input systems conform to the British DW172 standard and are compliant with NZBC G4/AS1, B2 and H1 as an acceptable engineered alternative solution. They are manufactured by Staybrite Stainless Fabricators under licence to CK Direct of Peterborough UK.