Extract Only Hoods


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    We offer all the standard sizes – if we don’t have the size you are looking for, call us and we will fabricate to your requirements.

    Our commercial extraction hoods and commercial kitchen canopies are great looking pieces of equipment, but more importantly, they can be counted on to do the job well. The importance of extract hoods should not be overlooked as they help to keep your kitchen clean, by minimising airborne grease and smoke, as well as neutralising or recycling cooking odours and smoke completely.

    While deciding which kitchen canopy is right for you can be difficult, we have plenty of information to help you make the right call.

    Our low velocity ventilation and extraction systems conform to the British DW172 standard and are compliant with NZBC G4/AS1, B2 and H1 as an acceptable engineered alternative solution. They are manufactured by Staybrite Stainless Fabricators under licence to CK Direct of Peterborough UK.